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College Planning with College Liftoff

If you were like me coming out of high school, paying for college did not seem like a pressing issue.  I was fortunate to get some scholarships here and there but with the easily attained loans I never felt the need or urge to really explore all of the free scholarship and grant money that is out there.  Since I never saw the money it never bothered me to just add to my student loan debt.

Looking back after being out of college for 3 years and paying on all of those loans, I realized that I did myself a great disservice by not preparing myself financially for the costs of a college education.  This is a big problem with many college grads and can become a huge burden that can limit their future career and lifestyle. (Here is a great article from USA Today about Generation Y’s steep financial hurdles: Huge debt, no savings)

Recently at The Unison (a web design company based out of Columbus, Ohio) we have become involved with Aaron Greene and College Liftoff.  They are a relatively new company that specializes in  helping students and families find the right school and education while decreasing the financial burden that comes along with a college education.  From school and scholarship research to financial aid seminars they can be a huge resource to set college students up for long term success.